It's Mardi Gras, cher, but this year le bon temps kick off with murder…

For generations, the White Monks have treated the vampire Thaddeus Dupont as a weapon in their battle against demons. However, when a prominent matron drops dead at a party, Thaddeus and his lover Sarasija are asked to find her killer. Their investigation leads them to an old southern family with connections everywhere: Louisiana politics, big business, the Church, and an organization just as secret as the White Monks.

Meanwhile, an esoteric text containing spells for demon-summoning has disappeared, Thaddeus is losing control of le monstre, and Sara is troubled by disturbing dreams. These nightmares could be a side-effect of dating a vampire, or they could be a remnant of his brush with evil. As the nights wear on, Sara fears they are a manifestation of something darker – a secret that could destroy his relationship with Thaddeus.


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Liv Rancourt

Writing laughter, life, and romance under partly sunny skies.


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The hardest part was keeping the cover art secret! The cover reveal happened on 9/25/17 over at The Novel Approach Reviews. We do have preorder links, so if I've got your curiosity piqued, you can find Nocturne at a sale price of $2.99! (Regularly $4.99)