Writing laughter, life, and romance under partly sunny skies.


Liv Rancourt

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I still don't have anything definite to announce but things are coming along. Irene and I are hard at work on BENEDICTUS, Book 3 in the Hours of the Night series, and HAUNTS & HOAXES 2, the sequel to HAUNTED and the 2nd book in our spin-off series. 

In addition, I have a couple of solo projects in various stages of completion (see the pretty picture above!), and I'll update my notes here as they get closer to completion. So check back, m'kay? Because there'll be more news soon!

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Just going to leave this little teaser here. L'Ami Mysterieux is an m/m romance set in 1920 Paris, and it's out with beta readers now! 

Love takes many forms. War has only one...