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And hey, in the Hours of the Night world, there's good news! Irene and I are hard at work on Spooked, the sequel to Haunted, and we've got fresh new cover art for both books. All will be revealed in time...likely early in 2020....

I'm beyond thrilled to be part of Dreamspinner's Advent Calendar event. My novella, A Holiday Homecoming, will be released on 12/1/19 and I CANNOT WAIT for you to meet Bo & Jon.  The cover is SO COOL, you guys! Just wait. A cover reveal and buy links will be coming soon!

Lost & Found is an m/m romance set in 1920 Paris. It's available NOW for a preorder price of $2.99 - regular price $4.99. The official release date is 10/4/19... very soon!

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A dancer who cannot dance and a physician who cannot heal must find in each other the strength to love.

History books will call it The Great War, but for Benjamin Holm, that is a misnomer. The war is a disaster, a calamity, and it leaves Benjamin profoundly wounded, his mind and memory shattered. A year after Armistice, still struggling to regain his mental facilities, he returns to Paris in search of his closest friend, Elias.

Benjamin meets Louis Donadieu, a striking and mysterious dance master. Though Louis is a difficult man to know, he offers to help Benjamin. Together they search the cabarets, salons, and art exhibits in the newly revitalized city on the brink of l’Années Folles (the Crazy Years). Almost despite himself, Benjamin breaches Louis’s defenses, and the two men discover an unexpected passion.

As his memory slowly returns, Benjamin will need every ounce of courage he possesses to recover Elias’s story. He and Louis will need even more than that to lay claim to the love – and the future – they deserve.