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Well, in the Hours of the Night world, there's good news and bad news...
The bad news is, Irene's had to step away from writing for family financial reasons. She's really bummed, and so am I, and so are our readers! We've started Benedictus (Hours of the Night 3) and the second Adam & Noel story, and while we still intend to publish both, it won't be until sometime in 2019.​​

In happier news, we do have a vampire character, and Thaddeus likely had all kinds of adventures prior to meeting Sarasija. I'm working on a solo project, set in 1944, and while Thaddeus doesn't have a romance in this one, he definitely plays a key role in solving the mystery....

Just going to leave this little teaser here. L'Ami Mysterieux is an m/m romance set in 1920 Paris, and it's out with EDITORS now! I'll be making an announcement about it's publication, hopefully soon!

Love takes many forms. War has only one.


Writing laughter, life, and romance under partly sunny skies.