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After Hours with Liv & Irene!

   Welcome to the world of the Hours of the Night!   

A couple ago, Irene Preston and I decided to try something new. We came up with an idea for a vampire story that we could both work on, but we'd only keep going as long as we were both having fun. We're still at it, and we're still having fun! I hope you'll come along for the read!

If he follows his heart,

he'll lose his soul.

 Preacher always said New Orleans  

 was a bed of sin, so of course  Clarabelle had to see for herself....

Silent night, holy hell!

It's Mardi Gras, cher, and this time le bon temps kick off with murder...

Haunted is a novella Irene and I wrote for a Valentine's giveaway. It's set in the Hours of the Night world, roughly concurrent with Nocturne, but features new characters and situations. We had so much fun writing it - and readers have had so much fun reading it! - that we decided to make it the start of a new series, Haunts & Hoaxes. Book 2 is called Spooked, and will be available SOON!

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The spooks can find you anywhere...


Change of Heart is a solo project set in

1933 New Orleans. It's a loose prequel to

the  other Hours of the Night books, mainly

because a certain vampire plays a part....

Content Warning: Some readers may find the depiction of trans individuals, situations, or language objectionable.